Turnkey construction of a refinery

Turkney construction Pipeline construction Underground construction
Customer Ruhr Oel GmbH
Location Gelsenkirchen - Scholven, Germany
Order value € 16,000,000
Core construction time 15 months
Man Hours About 78,000

Ausgeführte Leistungen:

  • Developement work
  • Earthworks
  • Road construction
  • Pipe construction work

First, over the course of less than 6 weeks, about 80,000 m³ of topsoil were remeoved and stored in piles. At the same time, work to develop the media infrastructure for the site was started. This included digging a total of 800 m cable trench, which was completely lined with the timber support. For the canalization work, 470 concrete shafts were built. Numerous special structures were erected in prefab construction and also in site concrete. A total of 3,700 m of pipes up to a size from DA280 to DA560 had a total below the federal highway and integrated into the city sewer system at a depth of 8 m.

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