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Mainka Sozialfonds e.V.

One of us - A small contribution by many can become a huge help for an individual

The employees of Mainka consider themselves a family. Working shoulder to shoulder on construction projects just has a way of knitting people together. Together, we make sure that every one of us gets help when they are in trouble.

We want to ensure that our employees, should they experience a personal emergency, can concentrate entirely on getting back on their feet. Things don’t always run smoothly. Sometimes, all it takes is one small mishap, and suddenly entire lives hang in the balance. From one moment to the next, nothing is as it was.

Together, we strive to provide a safety net for just such events.

The Mainka Sozialfonds e.V. is a registered association based in Lingen. It quickly provides financial support for employees and their families in times of emergency - without a lot of red tape. The bodies of the organization include its board:

  • Ms. Elke Mainka
  • Mr. Ralf Franzen
  • Ms. Ingrid Bekel

and the general assembly. They make sure that each request is carefully checked.


For the future of the next generation

Another pillar of our social commitment consists of our collaborations with schools and universities.

Attractive support of young people at the local level is especially important in these times of intensified competition. We are committed to promoting education and training. To create added value for the economy and for science, it is essential to integrate and actively involve secondary school and university students in knowledge exchange. Mainka has been cooperating with Lingen University since 2013. Learning partnerships with Marienschule Lingen and the comprehensive school Gesamtschule Emsland have also been established since 2013. In 2014, we added Friedensschule Lingen. And since August 2017, we have been working with Oberschule Lengerich.


Bundesvereinigung Mittelständischer Bauunternehmen e.V. (BVMB)

Mainka Bau GmbH & Co. KG is an active member of the Bundesvereinigung Mittelständischer Bauunternehmen e.V. (German Federal Association of Small and Medium Sized Construction Companies). The BVMB is a nationwide trade association independent of collective bargaining policy. It represents the economic, market and competitive interests of its mid-sized members at the political level and to clients from all areas of the construction sector.

Wirtschaftsverband Emsland

Mainka Bau GmbH & Co. KG is a member of the Wirtschaftsverband Emsland (Emsland Trade Association), a body representing the interests of companies located in the Emsland region with the intention of bundling and using regional knowledge.

The Emsland is a growth region with great potential for the future, and our economy is marked by creativity, innovative spirit and flexibility. These are the traits that have given the Emsland a lead over other regions.


German Work Safety Prize 2019

Since 05 November 2019, we have been proud to call ourselves “Winner of the German Work Safety Prize 2019”. In June of 2019, we were one of three enterprises nominated in this category for our commitment to “work safety as a corporate philosophy”, and we won. Our widely established consciousness of safety with optimum qualifications and training protects the health of all employees. Our success: For years, our accident statistics have been well below the industry average. We are pleased that our corporate philosophy was acknowledged and proudly accepted the award.

The jury’s conclusion: "Work safety as the cornerstone of a caring culture in an industry with traditionally high rates of accidents.”


The seal "IHK TOP AUSBILDUNG" is bestowed on companies whose training programs are of exemplary quality. The certificate, first awarded in 2018, sends a strong signal to students and parents that a dual training program with Mainka gives a young person a first-rate career start.

Jugendarbeitsschutzpreis 2016 + 2018

The German Youth Work Safety Prize (JAZ) is issued every two years by Work safety FASI (Work Safety Association). The competition honors effective, clever and at the same time economical solutions that can be implemented in other companies.

2016: Trainee team (Jan Neumann, Stefan Behnen) with their project “Ladder safety rack”.

The project team had the idea for developing a fixed rack for securing a ladder so it can no longer slide to the side or tip backwards. In addition, it is possible to suspend the ladder from the rack in order to provide the needed space for the workers.

2018: Trainee team (Peter Berning, Malte Gösse, Christian Schleicher) with the project “Safety mat for reinforcement”.

The mat simply and efficiently secures walking paths on construction sites during the installation of the reinforcement until the concrete is poured. It dramatically reduces the risk of tripping, snagging or twisting an ankle.