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Mainka is your partner for industrial building projects like production facilities, power plants, storage halls or laboratory and administrative buildings. We also create the necessary infrastructure for you, from excavation and pipeline construction to road construction all the way to building traffic areas.

We are highly specialized in construction projects with stringent safety requirements. Our customers are active mainly in the chemicals industry, the energy sector or special logistics. We also carry out projects for customers in other industries who, in addition to valuing quality and reliability, are highly concerned with the safety of their construction sites.

Mainka also offers planning services for partial or entire projects.

Turnkey construction

A one-stop industrial building project: During the entire construction process of our turnkey buildings, we support you as your sole contact. We plan and coordinate the entire construction process, choose suitable providers for the various trades and handle the management and billing for all parties involved. This way, you do not have to spend your valuable time on coordinating your project, but can concentrate completely on the essentials: your core buisness. Take advantage of our many of years  of experience coordinating turkney projects.

We take care of:

  • the entire implementation planning
  • construction monitoring all the way to hand-off
  • keeping your construction project on time and within budget


Concrete and civil engineering

You can depend on Mainka: Satisfying high requirements in terms of safety, quality and environmental protection is not a challenge — it’s what we do every day. We carry out extremely technologically demanding concrete and civil engineering construction projects — even under complex external conditions and difficult spatial circumstances. We gladly take care of all relevant suitability certificates for concrete structures, for instance special requirements under the German Federal Water Act (Wasserhaushaltsgesetz, WHG § 19). During the preparation phase for the construction work, we also generate economical solutions for formwork and concrete construction. This allows us to achieve high-quality results — in a very short amount of time.

Our services include:

  • Reinforced concrete structures according to DIN 1045 (ÜK2 and ÜK3)
  • Solid and prefab construction
  • Liquid-impermeable concrete components acording to WHG § 19
  • Conversions and renovations
  • Foundations
  • Sealing and drainages surfaces
  • Concrete surfaces for storage, bottling and processing plants
  • Concrete flootrs and rentention facilities
  • Impermeable structures


Underground construction

We carry out all preparatory underground work needed to ensure that new structures and conversions stand on solid ground. Our qualified employees and extensive equipment pool allow us to complete even demanding underground work within very short periods of time. Regardless of how complex the building project is or how difficult the overall conditions: We implement your project — professionally and economically.

Our services include:

  • Site profiling 
  • Soil removal and infilling
  • Excavation of pits and trenches
  • Groundwater retention and draw-down
  • Replacement of non-loadbearing or unsuitable soil
  • Soil compaction to minimize the replacement of non-loadbearing material
  • Foundation excavation
  • Work in contaminated areas according to German statutory accident insurance (DGUV) Regulation 101-004


Traffic area construction

Mainka clears the way: Whether roads, storage surfaces or parking areas — we build all traffic areas needed for your infrastructure any way you choose, whether in asphalt, paving stone or concrete. We create asphalt surfaces even under the toughest conditions, with road pavers or by hand, and in hard-to-access locations. Apart from classic asphalt we also use Densiphalt®, a special material for creating sealed surfaces according to the Federal Water Act. Densiphalt surfaces harden very quickly and withstand extreme loads, as for instance on container lots and tanker loading yards. The surfaces can thus be used after a very short time and have a long service life. Thanks to our high level of flexibility, we can prepare your asphalt or Densiphalt surface within very short time periods. Proof of our qualification is provided, among other things, by the RAL quality seal for semi-rigid surfacing.

Our services include:

  • Road construction in asphalt, paving stone or concrete
  • Road resurfacing
  • Creation of large asphalt surfaces
  • Creation of non-permeable surfaces according to WHG § 19
  • Infrastructur measures


Pipeline construction

Clear pipe: Mainka builds pipelines of different materials and dimensions, for both pressurized and unpressurized applications. We install pipelines of PVC, stoneware, concrete and reinforced concrete as open channel lines in dimensions up to DN 1,200. We hold the RAL-GZ 961 Group A2 permit by the Quality Control Association for Canalization Construction.

In the plastic pipeline sector, we install pipes of Polyethylene (PE-HD) and Polypropylene (PP) in sizes up to DA 1100 as pressurized or open channel lines. To produce pipeline connections according to the guidelines of the German Association for Welding and Related Processes (DVS) we employ specialists qualified as DVS 2212 “plastic welder” and 2213 “specialist plastics welder”.


Industrial maintenance

To keep our customers’ production running: We make sure that the structures of large industrial plants such as refineries continue to satisfy operational and regulatory requirements. Usually based on long-term agreements, we take care that your building structures remain intact and are improved — so you can concentrate entirely on your core business. Our services include maintenance of industrial plants as well as construction of new facilities. We work almost exclusively in the “brownfield” area, meaning in and with structures of existing enterprises. Of course, we coordinate very closely with our customers on all of the work we do.