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What makes Mainka unique

We work safe — or not at all.

We earn over 90 percent of our revenue in the chemicals industry, the energy sector and special logistics — areas that require the highest degree of safety. We successfully complete building projects even under the most demanding conditions, because work safety is the focus of all of our business activities. We require qualifications, training, inspections and regular face-to-face meetings to ensure that your construction site is safe.

The figures confirm it: Our accident statistics have been at a fraction of the construction sector average for years (based on information provided by the German construction industry’s trade association BG Bau).


Building the future with Mainka

At Mainka, you can expect complex industrial construction projects with exciting responsibilities — and an owner-managed family business that is proud of the competence of its employees! Since we essentially do all aspects of construction ourselves, you will find a wide range of work opportunities in our company.

We are constantly looking for new colleagues to help us do what we do, both at the construction site and at the office. No matter where you are along your career path: We have a place for you. We welcome trainees and students, newcomers to the profession and experienced experts. What you can expect: Exciting and sophisticated projects, individual responsibility, regular training and a family business where openness and respect are taken seriously.

Contact us today — we look forward to receiving your application!

Mainka is your partner for industrial building projects like production facilities, power plants, storage halls or laboratory and administrative buildings. We also create the necessary infrastructure for you, from excavation and pipeline construction to road construction all the way to building traffic areas.

We are highly specialized in construction projects with stringent safety requirements. Our customers are active mainly in the chemicals industry, the energy sector or special logistics. We also carry out projects for customers in other industries who, in addition to valuing quality and reliability, are highly concerned with the safety of their construction sites.

Mainka also offers planning services for partial or entire projects.